Lanier Ford attorneys both serve as mediators and represent clients before mediators.

Mediation can arise because both parties to a dispute desire to resolve their differences in a less expensive approach than litigation or arbitration. Both Alabama circuit court judges and U.S. district court judges can recommend that the parties mediate their differences.

In a mediation, the parties and their attorneys typically meet with a single mediator (a neutral third party agreeable to both parties) who listens to both sides. The mediator then attempts to negotiate an agreement between the two parties about how to resolve their differences. The mediator doesn't impose a decision, but assists the parties in reaching an agreement about how to resolve their differences. This agreement is then reduced to a written contract, which both parties must sign before it becomes binding.

If one of the parties doesn’t comply with the written contract, the other party has to go to court to enforce the contract.

Mediation Center

The Lanier Ford Mediation Center, located at 2101 West Clinton Avenue in Huntsville, has the following advantages:

  • Meeting areas designed for mediations.
  • Convenient surface parking.
  • Mediation dates available at virtually any time.
  • Cost-effective conflict resolution.

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