Ty Stafford and Chris Pape become shareholders

The Lanier Ford law firm is pleased to announce that, on January 23, 2017, Ty Stafford and Chris Pape became shareholders in the law firm. Graduating from the University of Alabama Law School 2009, Mr. Stafford has been an associate since 2009. Graduating from the University of Alabama Law School in 2011, Mr. Pape has been an associate since 2012. Both received their undergraduate degrees from Auburn University.

Mr. Stafford is a member of the firm’s Real Estate Practice Group and focuses his practice on all aspects of commercial and residential real estate. He represents a variety of lenders in connection with residential loans, commercial loans, and small-business loans. He advises individual buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in connection with developed and undeveloped real estate transactions and disputes. Mr. Stafford’s practice also includes areas of intellectual property dealing with trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

A large part of Mr. Pape’s practice consists of working with school boards to navigate complex employment, constitutional, and equity matters. In 2014, Mr. Pape began working, extensively, on Huntsville City Schools’ desegregation litigation, Hereford and the United States v. Huntsville City Board of Education. Mr. Pape’s practice also involves guiding public and private entities through complex civil rights and employment issues; and when those issues result in a lawsuit, he defends these entities in litigation. Mr. Pape regularly assists employers in reviewing and drafting employee handbooks for legal compliance, developing policies and procedures to prevent inconsistent or unlawful employment practices.


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Published January 25, 2017 Posted in News About the Firm
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